Futures DAO LAB with the BMW Foundation

Futures DAO LAB with the BMW Foundation


Cultural capital is an important key needed to unlock systemic transformation of communities around the planet. Similarly, DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) have the potential to revolutionize governance in the art & cultural sector. The Futures DAO Lab  workshop brings selected cultural centers & leaders, scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs and creative visionaries together to forge interdisciplinary collaborations, challenging power structures and IP ownership. Our mission is to innovate collaborative business models over a three-year period via online workshops and in-person gatherings. With increasingly uncertain funding for cultural programs in these transformational times, our goal is to establish a shared cultural production platform that initiates novel funding models addressing this growing need for financial sustainability. 


What do we want to get out of our 3-year quest?


Experiment with emerging technologies in order to prototype new business models in art & culture as well as influencing other sectors, such as governments, business, third sector and academia

Help cultural institutions with funding, new venture building, business development and to bring new projects to market for commercialization

Promote Responsible Leadership and Innovation for Economy Transformation by sharing open source learnings


What do we want to get out of our workshop today?


1. Create the conditions for trust, connection and collaboration

2. Grow our ability to see the larger picture over DAOs, draw connections and find our levers for transformation

3. Emerge diversity of perspectives from an interdisciplinary crowd

4. Recognize blind spots while being confronted with mental patterns

5. Connect with a shared higher purpose

6. Arrive at guiding questions for our 3-year quest