We are building the future as a venture studio that initiates and invests in interdisciplinary projects at the intersection of art, science and technology.

Why go anti and what is to be anti

ANTI is an agency where business development meets messaging & design. ANTI is a radical new attitude to doing business in the world, for the world.


We bring business strategy and positioning to all projects because we know a message based on a weak positioning is going to fall on deaf ears. We help businesses communicate effectively without resorting to traditional “PR”; resist the narrative that sees consumers buying what they don’t need by supporting products that benefit everyone; and connect the dots between businesses that can really help make a change in this whole, beautiful planet of ours. We also connect wealth with investment opportunities but beyond that we support and coach brands to be more eco-conscious (because we believe we can spread ideas more effectively through products!)


ANTI is about creativity, integrity and compassion, and in everything we do we try to bring these three elements together. That’s why we’re ANTI-ego, and pro-ECO. ANTI-political power trippers, pro-PEER SHARING. ANTI-isolation, pro-CONNECTIONS. ANTI-instachangeability, pro-ORIGINALITY. ANTI-extinction, pro-products – and relationships – that last a lifetime. We believe that magic happens when business goals are shared passions. All the brands we work with see the world the same way we do – that’s why we call them friends, not clients.


We don’t conform to the world’s pre-prescribed paradigm that businesses should only help themselves. Instead, we’re determined to help businesses stand for something in a world which too often stands for nothing.


Everything we do begins at the juncture where new power replaces old. Old models rely on an obsession with currency, see power owned by the few, and spread a message of pure individualism. Instead, we embrace new power: that means mass participation, peer coordination, creative collaboration and a radical new agenda for modern businesses.


In a world under unprecedented environmental threat, movements for positive change are multiplying all the time: but what’s the use in all these movements if we don’t work together? From impact funds to start-ups, protecting our future on this planet depends on the radical evolution of all businesses.


This is why we’re laying the foundation for a new collective consciousness: bringing together businesses and creatives who celebrate the world and who care about making it better. Too often individuals and brands say the world doesn’t give them anything; ANTI says they can give the world something back.



To save the world (what else?).

Because after all, there is no planet B.