WAC Lab Open Call for Museums

WAC Lab Open Call for Museums


Our friends and community drivers, WAC Lab, ‘Invites Cultural Institutions to Innovate with Web3 Technology’. Through the acclaimed season 3 of Web3 for the Arts & Culture (WAC) Lab, and with the support of the Tezos Foundation, We Are Museums is thrilled to announce the launch of their Open Call for the anticipated WAC Museums educational program, held in collaboration with LAL Art. After two successful seasons and over 20 cultural institutions trained and onboarded into the world of web3, WAC Lab seeks to empower global arts and cultural institutions by providing them with the knowledge and tools to harness the potential of emerging technologies.


Launched on December 1st, the open call invites cultural institutions from around the world to apply and join the six-week training, mentoring and coaching program to become web3 literate. This program aims to equip institutions with the skills, insights, and resources necessary to leverage web3 technologies for cultural preservation, social impact, environmental sustainability, and financial stability.


The WAC Museums’ intensive six-week educational program is exclusively available to 20 newly applying cultural institutions, ensuring a focused learning experience. This program combines various learning methods, including online training and resources, live sessions and Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions with experts. It covers topics such as the origins of web3 and the museum applications of blockchain, immersive technology & the metaverse and artificial intelligence technologies. The program allows participants to gain comprehensive insights into the evolving intersection of technology and the art world, equipping them to navigate this dynamic landscape effectively.


Following WAC Museums, our educational program, fellows will be able to join WAC Factory and access a complimentary four-week accelerator. There, cultural institutions and tech integrators can create cutting-edge web3-powered projects, amplifying the fusion of art and technology through collaborative efforts, from prototyping to launch.


How to Apply

Cultural institutions interested in participating in WAC Museums can submit their applications through the official website here or directly via this form. The open call is available to cultural institutions (such as museums, foundations, art centers and non-profit cultural organizations) of all sizes and backgrounds, making it an inclusive opportunity for the global cultural community.

Important Dates

Open Call Launch: December 1st, 2023
Application Deadline: January 15, 2024
Program Start Date: February 12th, 2024
To learn more about WAC Lab, visit https://wac-lab.xyz/
Apply for WAC Museums here https://forms.gle/RP1hwsT6toRWbMUS6

WAC Museums is made possible with the support from the Tezos Foundation
To learn more about the Tezos blockchain, visit https://tezos.com/

Media Contact:
Maxime Laprade maxime.laprade@wearemuseums.com
Link to media kit https://tinyurl.com/wac-lab-3-mediakit