How art can empower the imagination of the future 

How art can empower the imagination of the future 


Brazilian photographer and environmental activist Sebastião Salgado has spent seven years immersed in the Amazon, the largest tropical forest on earth, translating his observations and experiences through his lens into fabulous photographs. Those have made an international impression in his exhibition Amazônia in France (Music Museum, Paris Philharmonic), Italy (MAXXI Museum in Rome), England (Science Museum in London), Brazil (Museum of Tomorrow and SESC Pompeia). Conceived by his wife Lélia Wanick Salgado, the exhibition immerses you in the heart of the Amazon.



Sebastião Salgado


Salgado says that with this project he wanted to provoke a debate about the future of the Amazon. He understands Amazônia also as an international warning against the destruction of vital ecosystems and the violence against indigenous peoples. One can powerfully and painfully perceive the threat in his photographs, but they also leave one with confidence, as all twists and turns for the future still seem possible.





“All futures are still possible” – We will talk with Sebastião Salgado about his view of the world and their possible futures as an artist, as a photographer and environmental activist. During the event he will show us his video project “Amazônia”, with photos of Amazon Forest made by him and music by Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos. Afterwards there will be a moderated conversation with him and our friend, Brazilian Professor and Futures Literacy Expert Fabio Scarano.


The event is organised in cooperation with the worldwide FORMS network of future-oriented museums, of which  ANTI is also a member.