How Bitcoin will help to eliminate poverty in Africa?

How Bitcoin will help to eliminate poverty in Africa?


The major problem in developing countries like Africa is the issue of corrupt government institutions. Corruption in Africa leads to a welfare loss as only a small group of people benefits from the wealth of the country’s and the poor people suffer from the consequences of bad government. Corruption leads to dilapidated public infrastructures.


Africa is one of the developing countries that have several financial issues and need help from other countries the most. The statics show that the share of internet users of the total population is expected to increase significantly in the whole world. The growth rate is especially high in areas with more developing countries like in the Sub-Saharan Africa region with a growth rate of over 90%. This shows that developing countries have a rapidly growing interest in the internet and related innovations. Donating cryptocurrency to the organizations that accept crypto will help Africa to defeat poverty is valuable as the people just need access to the internet to benefit from it.





Why should we donate Bitcoin to African charities?


Cryptocurrency (especially Bitcoin, and all Bitcoin like cryptocurrencies) is vital as it has the power to empower social and economic growth by offering effortless access to resources and financial services. Donating cryptocurrency is one of the more secure and efficient ways to reduce poverty in Africa most especially in Nigeria. As the cryptocurrency doesn’t need any bank or building to exist, it is a more approachable option for trading, donating and investment purposes and young cryptocurrency investors can easily support initiatives that can bring a positive change in Africa. There are many unprivileged areas in Africa that don’t have access to basic banking services, so, donating cryptocurrency is a lot more convenient. Unlike the banks the cost related to transitioning the CRYPTOCURRENCY is minimal.


Bitcoin donation comes with 0% taxes, and the donator can be 100% anonymous is what Africa needs, not people that are going to make a movie out of their donation and of course not a donation that the bank will take the half of it. Reputable nonprofit organizations working in Africa like Helpers Social Development Foundation accept cryptocurrency donations.  There are various organizations that help Africa in poverty alleviation and accept crypto-donation such as The Water Project, Africa Development Promise, Red Cross, Save the Children. These charitable organizations accepting cryptocurrency donations believe that change has no limit.




Opportunities through Bitcoin in developing countries.


Countries that are declared as developing countries have common challenges which can be seen as criteria for developing countries. The similarities are inadequate to supply of food for large groups of the population, low per capita income and high poverty rate, a lack of educational opportunities, a lack of access to quality health care services which goes along with a high infant mortality rate. All these aspects contribute to higher unemployment in developing countries and a lower standard of living. By adopting cryptocurrency, the economic problems in developing countries can accelerate the development process potentially in various fields. In general, new technologies and innovations are key solutions for the catch-up process of developing countries.


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